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Vi i Academic Work arbeider med bemanning og rekruttering av Young Professionals – studenter og nyutdannede i begynnelsen av sin karriere. Young Professionals er vår nisje, vårt ekspertområde og en målgruppe vi tror sterkt på.

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Would you like to work with 3D modeling and data management? Do you have a passion for programming? Are you looking for an exciting job that will speed up your career? Then this may be the opportunity you are looking for!

Informasjon om stillingen

On behalf of our partner Symetri, we are looking for a self-sufficient, instructive and passionate junior developer. We are primarily looking for people who recently has graduated. However, the most important thing is that you are skilled, passionate about programming and want to work with 3D modeling. Furthermore, we seek you who can build complex codes of high quality.

You will be employed in the product development division, which develops products for Symetri's customers in segments such as oil and gas, shipping, automotive and renewable energy. Several of the products developed are based on software provided by Symetri's partner Autodesk, in addition to proprietary products such as Sovelia PLM.

Symetri has a combination of junior and senior competence, with dedicated employees who have been in the company for a long time. You will become a central part of a company with a flat organizational structure, where an agile mindset is important, and your daily tasks will be working with the framework called Scaled Agile Framworks, SAFe.

As a web developer/front-end developer, you will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge in an exciting industry. It is equally important that you, as a junior, have the opportunity to share your knowledge and contribute to developing good solutions for Symetri's customers. We are looking for someone with the ability to learn quickly, and easily acquire new knowledge. In the beginning you will be assigned a separate mentor, whom you also will share your office space with. Symetri has a strong focus on ensuring that you as an individual will grow and there will be focus on providing you with the necessary training. You will be part of an international company where there is focus on openness and effective communication.


Symetri focuses on building culture, which ensures that the values ??of the company are taken care of and the well-being factor is high on the agenda.

There is also a focus on having fun after work, and you will have the opportunity to join in on exciting trips and events in Oslo and abroad. At Symetri you will be able to experience career opportunities across sectors. Symetri also offers a flexible work plan.

  • The assignments will primarily be related to Autodesk Inventor and the database tool Autodesk Vault
  • Data extraction and data handling in 3D modeling tools will also be central
  • You will be working on a .net-based platform, but you are going to work with principles around 3D modeling. If you are enthusiastic about learning and good at web programming, the programming languages will not be a requirement.

You will initially work on developing solutions based on the tools Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault. Interest and possibly experience from 3D modeling and data management will therefore be essential for success in this position.

Vi søker deg som

At Symetri it is important that you work well with others and collaboration is central, we are looking for a relationship-building colleague. We are also looking for a person who showsinitiative and is accurate in their work. It is important that you are a problem-solver , and you enjoy taking on new challenges.

Furthermore, we are looking for a person who has:

  • Good oral and written presentation skills in English. Knowledge of Norwegian will be an advantage
  • Education from computer science, computer engineering, animation, game design or similar. It is important to emphasize that engagement, interest, passion and ability to understand things quickly, is more important than relevant education.
  • Good knowledge of object-oriented programming and knowledge of Java, C#, .net C ++, .net, and preferably also related framework and work methodology. If you do not have knowledge of all the programming languages, but are willing to learn, it may weigh up for lack of formal qualifications
  • It is an advantage with experience from professional development environments, for example summer jobs, or part-time jobs in a company. Having tested how it is to work with larger projects and code bases is an absolute advantage
  • Basic knowledge of Git is a requirement and it is a great advantage if you are familiar with agile methods


This recruitment is carried out by Academic Work, but you will be employed by Symetri.

  • Startup: By appointment
  • Length of the assignment: Full time
  • Location: Oslo

Deadline: urgently

Search for the post by clicking Search (Søk) below. The application deadline is short, as it is urgent to fill the position. For this reason, we will evaluate applications on an ongoing basis and therefore recommend that you submit an application as soon as possible.

Informasjon om bedriften

Symetri helps innovative companies in the manufacturing industry, construction industry and real estate industry to optimize work processes, manage data, simplify data management and improve quality throughout the life cycle of an object/ component. Symetri has offices in the Research Park (Forskningsparken) in Oslo, and has a total of 300 employees in the Nordic region. 100,000 users in Northern Europe receive effective guidance in everything from 3D modeling and simulation to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), BIM and BLM (Building Information Modeling and Building Lifecycle Management).

Symetri has long and stable customer relationships. In this role you will become part of an innovative and forward-looking company, where the guiding star is "Challenge people to work smarter for a better future". At Symetri, everyone has the same opportunity to take initiative and influence their workday. The values ??of the business is centered around passion, and being proud of the work being done. Furthermore, courage and team work are central, and also the ability to embrace change, in order to constantly strive to be the leading supplier in their segment.

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